It uses all different technology from the previous DirecTwist-2A series. The twisting speed is increased 3 times from 6.000 to 18.000 Twist / Min.Twist range is extended from max.1000 to max.2000 Tw/mt. Both of the heads are now controlled totally independent from each other. New yarn feeder system allows to twist any kind of yarn easily even the difficult technical yarns. Slub yarn function is integrated. Now it is more Industrial and good for production as well as sampling. It has lots of new functions and capabilities.

The leading edge knitting machines manufacturer SHIMA SEIKI MFG. CO. LTD / JAPAN furnished their "TOTAL DESIGN CENTER" in Wakayama with IntelliWinder and DirecTwist for giving more creative freedom to trainees and developing fashionable yarns for their new state of art integral knitwear machines.
World's best known fine yarn producer ZEGNA BARUFFA / ITALY now developing their new finest yarn by DirecTwist.
DirecTwist has proved its suitability for Technical Textiles. High-tech technical textile companies like NIEDNER-TYCO / CANADA, TETHER’S UNLIMITED / USA, GORETEX / USA, MILLIKEN CO. / USA, KORDSA / TURKEY have just preferred DirecTwist for their R&D department for technical yarns.
One of the world's best cashmere knitwear manufacturer JOHNSTONS' CASHMERE / SCOTLAND equipped their factory with 2 sets of DirecTwist after a succesfull trial period. They are one of the very happy IntelliWinder users for 5 years.
One of the world's oldest fine knitwear manufacturer JOHN SMEDLEY / UK started to get the benefits of IntelliWinder to avoid the loss of their highly valued yarns.
SAINT JAMES / FRANCE, the biggest knitwear manufacturer in France now using IntelliWinder to keep their production efficiency in maximum level.
FABER KNITWEAR, the biggest knitwear manufacturer in Germany is started to use DirecTwist to create more value-added products.
Three of the finest knitwear manufacturers in Italy DALMINE, SPAGNOLand ALGIS are recently joined to the chain of happy IntelliWinder and DirecTwist users.
NORTH CAROLINE STATE UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF TEXTILES / USA now using DirecTwist to add more to their valuable textile innovations by using in their research projects.
MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY- WILLIAM LEE INNOVATION CENTRE "SCHOOL OF MATERIALS"/ UK now giving education to their students with DirecTwist, and to develop more sophisticated yarns using high-tech materials.
DRESDEN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY / GERMANY, TEXTILE DEPARTMENT is now taking the advantage of using DirecTwist in their researches.
INCALPACA / PERU has increased the efficiency in their knitting mill with IntelliWinder.
One of the world biggest textile manufacturer NAHAR GROUP / INDIA decided to have the benefits of both IntelliWinder and DirecTwist after a successful trial period in their group of companies OSWAL WOLLEN MILLS LIMITED.
DESAR WEAWING MILLS / SAUDI ARABIA creates breath taking yarn designs in their sampling department with DirecTwist.
A set of DirecTwist is available for training, demonstration and trial in STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA CENTER FOR APPLIED TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY / USA.
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